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A professional development program for instructional & support staff.

"This work will create educators who are more resilient and who can sustain their positive attitudes through the trials. It is incredibly valuable!"

Heather Cox, Shell Lake Elementary Principal

Training school staff can help empower students

We are in a time of great stress and anxiety. There are some fascinating brain science discoveries that can explain why this is happening now. We can quickly flip switches in our brain so that we can become more creatively courageous and fulfilled in our lives otherwise known as activating your Higher Brain.

Training school staff can help empower students to become Higher Brain dominant.

What Higher Brain Activation Looks Like


  • Creative risk-taking

  • Emotional self-awareness

  • Mindfulness

  • Feelings of love/joy

  • Ability to maintain peacefulness



  • Focus

  • Working memory

  • Problem solving

  • Positive habits sticking

Greater Tolerance of:

  • Taking advice

  • Emotional vulnerability

  • Performance feedback

Your Higher Brain

Your "New" Brain

It's time to make teaching and learning less burdensome and more joyful. Brain optimization achieves this quickly.

A science and evidence based program that can flex to your school schedule, represent minimum time cost, and delivered for low or no cost. 

LEO has delivered workshops and training to many school districts in Wisconsin. It has been found to reduce anxiety, depressive symptoms, improve sleep and overall well-being with across the- board sustained improvements in every group. View our results here.

ESSER, Title I, II and IV have been utilized by schools to fund the LEO Program to support their staff.

Interested in our program rollout options?
Here's what we offer.

The LEO Program can be accessed in one or all of three forms below.

  • Kickoff presentation (in-service)

  • Workshop delivered in small segments over 2-6 months for a more complete understanding and integration, to fit your schedule.

  • Train-the-trainer to empower your key staff to distribute this system to all the adults and students in the building.

We make the booking process easy.

Choose your rollout option from above and contact us. We'll take it from there.

Want to learn what we can do for your school district?

Contact us for a free consultation.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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