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Measuring Success

The LEO Program pioneers in fortifying psychological safety, a cornerstone for organizational growth, as per Amy Edmondson's insights in 'The Fearless Organization'.


This approach has markedly boosted mental health outcomes, as evidenced by our comprehensive, science-backed methodologies and recent survey results.


Empowering Psychological Safety

The LEO Program champions psychological safety, a key driver of organizational success. Inspired by Amy Edmondson's 'The Fearless Organization', we enhance this critical aspect to strengthen team dynamics and overall organizational culture. By fostering psychological safety, the LEO Program encourages innovation, productivity, and holistic health, contributing to talent growth, diversity, and a resilient, adaptive corporate culture.

Below are our recent survey results, showcasing significant improvements in psychological safety through the LEO Program. These graphs illustrate the measurable impact of our initiatives.

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The LEO Program, grounded in science, demonstrates proven effectiveness in enhancing mental health outcomes. Our evidence-based methods have shown significant benefits across various groups, ensuring rapid and lasting improvements.

Participant survey results before and after the LEO workshop (data represents nearly 300 participants). Percentage reporting at least half their days affected by the following concerns: Depression, Sleep Issues, Energy Issues, Eating Issues and Anxiety.


Our analysis reveals a 42% reduction in depression and a 40% increase in sleep quality among participants, translating to an impressive ROI of $3,000–$3,500 per person annually, based on these factors alone.

Our Impact

We've helped thousands of people change their lives through our workshops, webinars, and keynotes across the country. Through LEO, change at the neurological level isn't just possible—it's achievable and sustainable.

Our Clients

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Need more information?

If you would like additional information about our program including: survey methods, data collection, ROI calculations, training, and anything else - please reach out as we would be happy to answer any questions!

Check out our 15 minute sample workshop video

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