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The LEO program is not a “one size fits all” approach. You will play a creative role in helping us shape the program for your needs—in what areas can this program help your organization the most?


The schedule is fully customizable, as is our integration with any existing employee development programs or initiatives. 

We have worked with every type of group including executives, government agencies, at-risk youth, athletes and school systems.

If you would like a detailed packet of program information for your specific industry please contact us. 

LEO Program

Workshop phases and training options below


All stages have standalone value. Participants will be able to benefit from all stages of your choosing, but it is a sequential program.

Based on your needs, the LEO Program can include the following value-add components:

  • Session flexibility around your organizations schedule

  • High impact efficient program

  • Integration with any existing development programs or initiatives

  • Learning management system delivery of material to suit people’s learning pace and time

  • Digital program materials (slides, references, diagrams, worksheets)

  • Surveys to measure impact

  • Program impact evaluation

Workshop Stages

The workshop is a total of 12 hours delivered over 3 - 6 months for a more complete understanding and integration.

Welcome discomfort. Am I Lower Brain?

Website stages efrtd.png

Create discomfort by triggering and shutting off your Lower Brain. Anchor in your Higher Brain. 

Direct Higher Brain Activation

Structure discomfort into your routine

Do stages 1 - 4 as a group


Training & Sustaining the LEO PROGRAM

LEO emphasizes an empowerment of leaders to understand and deliver these brain hacks to their teams. First, LEO will substantially increase the stress resistance and resilience of leaders, critical in these chaotic times. Second, leaders and their designated trainers can distribute the LEO program to their teams in a manner that integrates with existing training processes. Now, leaders can focus on being change agents instead of crisis responders. 

Don't know where to start?

The LEO Team is here to answer any question you may have regarding the program.


Whether it's about delivery options (in-person, virtual, hybrid) or scheduling sessions - we are happy to provide free consultations. 

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