What is the LEO program?

The LEO program offers a new framework for enhancing performance and wellbeing, based on the best evidence from the science of success and happiness. There are powerful brain science discoveries that can be utilized to quickly boost resilience and character, allowing people and teams to be more accountable, innovative and agile. The LEO program is fully based on medical evidence and has been proven to work for all groups that have taken the course, including:

LEO teaches simple yet powerful “brain hacks” to stop negative patterns and promote resilience and mastery. Thought-provoking activities reinforce these new skills to achieve rapid transformation.


The program has profound implications for you and your organization, community, and families. The program’s significant impact on reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and even addiction delivers an impressive ROI, including improvements in innovation and productivity.

• C-suite executives
• Division I athletes
• Healthcare providers

• High-risk teenagers
• Office employees from corporate, government,     and nonprofit sectors

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The ripple effects of suboptimal brain function from the individual level to society as a whole, and the impact of the LEO program to address these problems at a multiple levels, from stabilizing the individual to strengthening teams and communities.