Our mission is to empower people, groups, and entire organizations with the practical tools to quickly improve resilience, adaptability, and fearlessness in a rapidly changing world.

Human 3.0:

Change The Game, Change Your Life

Quickly train your brain to respond, adapt and thrive in a chaotic world.


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Book Overview

These are obviously scary times with incredible uncertainty about the future, large political divisions, anxiety about institutions and their function, mental and physical health crises, and concern about the sustainability of the biosphere. 


The great news is many brain science discoveries can be woven into a very hopeful, actionable, immediate-impact counter-narrative to the psychological chaos we are experiencing currently. In Change the Story we help you understand your innate “Superpowers” and how they can help quickly shape your brain to become more psychologically immune to the turbulence all around us. Then you can become happier and more successful by targeting these Superpowers to specific networks within your brain for greater tolerance of innovation, change, learning, and deeper collaboration. Regardless of your role in life, you can become truly fulfilled faster than you ever imagined.

What is the leo program?

The LEO program offers a new framework for enhancing performance and wellbeing, based on
the best evidence from the science of success and happiness. There are powerful brain science
discoveries that can be utilized to quickly boost resilience and character, allowing people and
teams to be more accountable, innovative and agile.

LEO teaches simple yet powerful “brain hacks” to stop negative patterns and promote resilience and
mastery. Thought-provoking activities reinforce these new skills to achieve rapid transformation.

Don’t take our word for it. Take our numbers

As a fully science-based platform, we don’t just think the LEO program works. We’ve hypothesized, tested, and collected conclusive data showing that these evidence-based methods work, not just in one group but in every group that has completed the workshop. Participants will start to benefit within an hour, and we can teach champions within your organization to help sustain and build the practices after the program ends.

Based on participant survey results, we estimate organizations are saving $3,000+ per employee per year. 


The workshop consists of 15 hours of content, usually divided across two to five days.
The schedule is fully customizable, as is our integration with any existing employee development
programs or initiatives.

The entire workshop is organized around brain hacks—simple interventions with huge
ramifications for better brain stability. Each hack is presented along with its target in the
brain, an explanation of the method, research and other stories to explain its background,
an activity to make it come alive, and the life implications and actions stemming from it.

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