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Program Overview


Nov. 2018-August 2019

These substantial mental health improvements predict an improvement in most employee challenges including engagement, turnover, poor productivity, absenteeism and healthcare costs. There is an ROI of $2,500 per employee from this brief program. But more importantly than the ROI, work will become much more joyful, meaningful and productive.
Based on the impact LEO has had on the parameters shown above, we estimate organizations are saving $2,500+ per employee per year.

What is LEO?


Imagine one solution for many organizational challenges including engagement, retention, the “war for talent,” productivity, marketplace success, and health costs. These results can be achieved through brain function optimization. There have been many powerful brain science discoveries that can quickly boost employee resilience and character, allowing people and teams to be more accountable, innovative and agile, while extinguishing the fires of poor engagement, mental health problems, and low productivity. Thus, leaders can focus more on the joyful aspects of their roles such as vision, creativity, entrepreneurship, and mentorship. Society needs leaders (from all organizational levels) to show the way for communities to become stronger and more adaptable in these turbulent times.