The Brain Science of ADAPTABILITY

Webinar Series

Dealing with increased stress, health issues, work challenges and domestic tension are but just a few of the mental strains that everyone faces during times of incredible upheaval.

Learn how to train your mind to become more adaptable.

Part 1 - Mon, June 8, 2020​​

Part 2 - Mon, June 22, 2020

Part 3 - Tue, July 14, 2020

 10:00 – 4:00 pm (Central Time)

Time includes a 1-Hour break after first 3 hours


Dr. Niraj Nijhawan

Founder of The LEO Program

Dr. Niraj Nijhawan, practicing Anesthesiologist and Critical Care Physician, founded Life Ecology Organization (LEO), to address the root of this stress and anxiety through conceptual and educational innovations in a program that has helped thousands of participants. Through a 3-day program now available entirely online, participants learn a series of ‘brain hacks’ to acquire emotional and intellectual tools for resilience and adaptability. The result is substantially improved mental health and a growth mindset, leading to greater effectiveness at work and many other aspects of life.

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