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The LEO Program: The Brain Science of Agile™

Imagine one solution for many organizational challenges including engagement, retention, the “war for talent,” productivity, innovation, marketplace success, health costs, and employee mental health. These results can be achieved through brain function optimization.


There have been many powerful brain science discoveries that can be utilized to quickly boost employee resilience and character, allowing people and teams to be more accountable, innovative and agile.


The LEO Program (www.leoprogram.com) is fully based on medical evidence and has been proven to work for all groups that have taken the course, including business leaders, employees and Division I athletes. It has profound implications for you and your organization, community, and families.


The program’s significant impact on reducing fear, stress, anxiety, depression, and even addiction will by itself deliver an impressive ROI, in addition to improvements in innovation and productivity.

The WHY of LEO

The world is rapidly becoming ever more complex. This chaos is destabilizing and increasingly resulting in mental health problems as well as poor adaptability and engagement. Organizations are bearing the brunt of this impact among their employees. The imperative and benefits of becoming a nimble, adaptable, agile team or organization have been well established, but it takes agile individuals to build an agile team. This is where LEO can help. For leaders, more agile employees can handle greater accountability and dynamism. This extinguishes the fires of poor engagement, mental health problems, and poor productivity. Thus leaders can focus more on the joyful aspects of their roles such as vision, creativity, entrepreneurship, and mentorship. Society needs leaders (from all organizational levels) to show the way for struggling communities to become more resilient and adaptable in these turbulent times.


The HOW of LEO

Through a combination of conceptual and educational innovations, the LEO Program helps participants quickly acquire emotional and intellectual vulnerability as well as tools for advanced resilience and adaptability. The result is substantially improved mental health and a growth mindset, leading to greater effectiveness at work and many other aspects of life.



Participants report that the LEO Program is powerful, cohesive, engaging, entertaining and life-changing. The workshop is 15 hours of content, which can be divided into two to six days. As a leader, you will play a creative role in helping us shape the program for your needs—in what areas can this program help your organization the most? The ideas encapsulated in the LEO Program will accelerate any employee development programs you have in place. Your employees will start to benefit within an hour, and we teach champions within your organization to help sustain and build the practices after the program ends.

Over 95% of participants agree with these statements:

I would recommend LEO to my coworkers

The LEO Program has changed the way I approach work

The LEO Program has positively changed my life outside of work

The current cost of rapid change and complexity

Example of Brain Hacks Delivered in the LEO Program

To view our most recent case study results, please see the graphs on the homepage.