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LEO Neuroscience surprises

An organization's ability to succeed depends primarily on its ability to learn faster than everyone else—to be agile. Most organizations are nowhere near their learning capacity, and a team can only be as agile as its players. The aim of the LEO Program is to increase organizational learning capacity by focusing on the individuals that make up that organization, using established neuroscientific principles to transform participants into ‘scientists of themselves’ with an arsenal of tools and ‘neurohacks’ to massively improve their wellbeing and, ultimately, the agility of their organization.


Take the following quiz to test your understanding of some of the neuroscience the LEO Program covers, and consider its implications for your organization’s learning quotient. Most people score less than 3 out of 10! There are many exciting discoveries to give your organization—and your human capital—an advantage in these rapidly changing times:

*Quiz does not work on mobile devices at this time