Delivering Workshops

As a fully science-based platform, we don’t just think the LEO program works. We’ve hypothesized, tested, and collected conclusive data showing that these evidence-based methods work, not just in one group but in every group that has completed the workshop. Participants will start to benefit within an hour, and we can teach champions within your organization to help sustain and build the practices after the program ends.


Universally powerful, individually tailored

The LEO program is not a “one size fits all” approach. You will play a creative role in helping us shape the program for your needs—in what areas can this program help your organization the most? The workshop consists of 15 hours of content, usually divided across two to five days. The schedule is fully customizable, as is our integration with any existing employee development programs or initiatives. The table below provides some of the brain hacks we teach and how they are organized. 


Training leaders to transform organizations

LEO emphasizes an empowerment of leaders to understand and deliver these brain hacks to their employees. First, LEO will substantially increase the stress resistance and resilience of leaders, critical in these chaotic times. Second, leaders and their designated trainers can distribute the LEO program to their employees in a manner that integrates with existing training processes. Now, leaders can focus on being change agents instead of crisis responders. The LEO program is an accelerant for any other development program you have in place because it is foundational—it causes employees to be much more open and malleable to new ideas and innovation embraced by your organization. As indicated by the entire Harvard Business Review issue, The Brain Science Behind Business (January 2019), this type of knowledge is becoming necessary to stay ahead of the competition, beyond producing a more dynamic, joyful, and meaningful workplace.