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Help us to empower others

Help us to empower others in these difficult times. We ask for your financial support to help expand the LEO platform to make this transformative idea system available to as many people as possible.


Several investments can make this system of brain hacks accessible to more people to the benefit of society. The more people are empowered, the more beauty, service, and discoveries are produced for the good of all. That's our motivation, the beauty of higher functioning social systems. See the powerful results from participants of the LEO program.




We will be transparent about the resources that have been contributed and how they will and are being used:

  • A tracker/dashboard to follow:

    • Resources contributed

    • Specific amount invested in various items on the platform expander checklist (below)

    • Items that have been checked off the platform expanders list 

In this manner we can collectively enjoy the progress being made in building the platform and measuring the impact on society

Platform Expansion Investment Dashboard

Thank you to our supporters


*Updates to dashboard will be on a monthly basis*

  • Roger S.

  • Corey K.

  • Todd M.

  • Katie W.