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Case Studies


A group of 154 employees at a large Health Insurance company in Madison, WI participated in a 6 week, 2 hours per week LEO workshop

  • 90% reported they would recommend their company to continue to engage LEO

  • 90% employees reported the LEO program has changed the way they approach work

A large percentage of people experienced positive changes in the following domains:

  • Workplace well-being – 40%

  • Psychological well-being – 55%

  • Depression/anxiety – 63%

  • Reduction in sleep difficulties – 43%

  • Energy – 39%

  • Functioning of teams and meetings -46%

  • Organizational effectiveness – 34%

  • Organizational alignment – 40%

  • Resilience – 34%

Small Business Executive Team

We conducted a series of LEO workshops with leaders and employees in a small business unit. We focused on strengthening the culture of the organization. Participants felt the effects of the LEO program as they experienced improved mood, lower stress related to work, sleep satisfaction, and more.

Health Insurance Company

In Progress: We conducted LEO Program workshops with three groups of employee participants. We were able to improve quality of life and workplace well-being, and show large effects for reducing depression and improving satisfaction with sleep. Based on our strong results, this organization has asked us to deliver the program to all 4,000 employees.

Division 1 Golf Team

We worked with ten student athletes from a D1 golf team in Wisconsin. We were able to facilitate high performance that lasted long after the golf season ended.


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