Surprising Brain science insights

The LEO Program is powerful, cohesive, engaging, entertaining, life-changing, plain language, and fully medical evidence based. The workshop is approximately 2 days of content which can be divided over time into smaller segments. As a leader you will play a creative role in helping us shape the program for your needs. These ideas will accelerate not replace any of the programs you have in place for employee development. We teach champions within your group to help the practices sustain after LEO leaves. Here is just a taste of some of the surprising and life-changing insights taught by the program:

  • Self-esteem is not important and in fact problematic

  • Very few people know the #1 predictor of happiness (and effectiveness) at work

  • Work can be much more enjoyable than it is now while being much more productive

  • The science of genius and greatness is now understood and available to everyone

  • Talent and intelligence is highly overrated compared to creativity, courage, and being scientific. Everyone can do the latter three. There is no reason to not have a highly engaged workforce

  • Brain science can accelerate the journey to a highly dynamic, agile, and thrilling place to work

  • There is a clear explanation and solution for the mental health crises all around us.

  • Brain science proves we are poor decision makers as individuals. Crowdsource everything.

  • We are designed to get high but there are two very powerful methods for getting high internally and not depend on the external highs of validation and pleasure. We can have our cake and eat it by becoming happier and much more successful using brain science insights

  • Your employees will start to benefit from the program within an hour