Imagine one solution to all organizational challenges:
Employee engagement and productivity
Innovation and marketplace success
Health costs and absenteeism
Retention and the “war for talent”
These results can be achieved through brain function optimization.

A rational answer to chaotic times

Unprecedented levels of unhappiness, addiction, violence, chronic disease, and even falling life expectancy. It’s not your imagination—modern life is truly hazardous to our health. Many causes of these “first-world problems” have been identified, from smog to social media. But there is a simple explanation underlying it all, and it comes down to how our brains evolved— the biology of survival—clashing with the rapidly increasing complexity of the world around us in surprising ways. While it is individuals who are suffering, organizations are bearing the brunt of the economic impact in the form of employee factors like poor engagement, high turnover, and rising healthcare costs. And, longer term, we must all bear the costs to our communities. LEO addresses this problem at the root—through conceptual and educational innovations, it helps participants quickly acquire emotional and intellectual vulnerability and tools for resilience and adaptability. The result is substantially improved mental health and a growth mindset, leading to greater effectiveness at work and many other aspects of life.

About Us

The Life Ecology Organization (LEO) was founded by Dr Niraj (Raj) Nijhawan in 2014 with the mission to establish dynamic, exhilarating, and effective work communities to help society in these challenging times. A Milwaukee native and healthcare leader in anesthesiology/critical care, Raj has spent 30 years cataloging, teaching, and helping people integrate the latest knowledge from medical, social, and brain science into their lives. LEO has now grown to include a diverse team of scientists, educators, storytellers, and thought leaders, working to build the platform and bring it to as many people as possible. Thousands of people across the country have changed their brains—and their lives—by attending LEO workshops, webinars, and keynotes.