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What is the LEO Program?

The LEO program offers a new framework for enhancing performance and wellbeing, based on the best evidence from the science of success and happiness. There are powerful brain science discoveries that can be utilized to quickly boost resilience and character, allowing people and teams to be more accountable, innovative and agile.

A Rational Answer to Chaotic Times

The world is rapidly becoming ever more complex. This chaos is destabilizing and increasingly resulting in mental health problems as well as poor adaptability and engagement. But there is a simple explanation underlying it all, and it comes down to how our brains evolved— the biology of survival—clashing with the rapidly increasing complexity of the world around us in surprising ways. LEO addresses this problem at the root—through conceptual and educational innovations, it helps participants quickly acquire emotional and intellectual vulnerability and tools for resilience and adaptability. The result is substantially improved mental health and a growth mindset, leading to greater effectiveness at work and many other aspects of life.


Your Lower Brain

Your "Old" Brain

  • Emotional suffering

  • Stress damage

  • Disengagement/lost energy

Your Higher Brain

Your "New" Brain

  • Focus

  • Awareness

  • Joy

  • Love

  • Creativity

  • Psychological stability

  • Working memory

  • IQ

  • Self awareness

  • Rate of learning

  • Immune function

  • Connection with others

Change Management at the Neurological Level

LEO teaches simple yet powerful “brain hacks” to stop negative patterns and promote resilience and mastery. These Brain Hacks help us to understand, control, and adapt our own brains. Thought-provoking activities reinforce these new neural pathways to achieve rapid transformation. The table below provides some of the brain hacks we teach and how they are organized. 


As a fully science-based platform, we don’t just think the LEO program works. We’ve hypothesized, tested, and collected conclusive data showing that these evidence-based methods work, not just in one group but in every group that has completed the workshop. Participants will start to benefit within an hour, and we can teach champions within your organization to help sustain and build the practices after the program ends.


Participant survey results before and after the LEO workshop (data represents nearly 300 participants). Percentage reporting at least half their days affected by the following concerns: Depression, Sleep Issues, Energy Issues, Eating Issues and Anxiety.


Measuring Our Impact

To calculate the ROI of the LEO program, we used our cumulative survey results showing a 42% drop in depression and 40% improvement in sleep among LEO workshop participants. We then factored in published estimates of their impact on workplace productivity, with yearly organizational costs per person of $5,000-$6,000 for depression and $2,000 for sleep. This gives LEO workshops an ROI of $3,000–$3,500 per person per year based on just these two parameters. 


Agility: From Buzzword to Bottom Line

The benefits of becoming a nimble, adaptable organization have been well established, but it takes agile individuals to build an agile team. This is where LEO can help. More agile employees can handle greater accountability and dynamism. This extinguishes the fires of poor engagement, depression, anxiety, stress, poor sleep and low productivity, allowing leaders to focus more on the joyful aspects of their roles: vision, creativity, entrepreneurship, and mentorship. It also has a direct financial impact in terms of employee costs and productivity. Learn more about agile here.


Need more information?

If you would like additional information about our program including: survey methods, data collection, ROI calculations, training, and anything else - please reach out as we would be happy to answer any questions!

Check out our 15 minute sample workshop video

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